cutdiagram-beefA char-grilled sirloin, braised backstrap, the classic Sunday roast, corned beef with pickles, t-bones fit for a king, the joys of mince meat in bolognaise, and the humble burger. Beef, it can be so simple but it’s oh so good.

The Beer & Beef Festival celebrates all things beef alongside it’s perfect pairing, the almighty frothy.

Explore all beef has to offer with pop-up restaurants from  Porkies BBQ, The Pizza Lounge, Stables Bar, Angel Falls Grill, and Sidedoor BBQ, as well as Perth’s beef loving food trucks What The Bao, Smokin’ BBQ Bus, and Smokie’s Southern BBQ offering the best in beefy street food.

Harvey Beef are proud sponsors of the WA Beer & Beef Festival.

Trusted producers since 1919 and proudly owned by a sixth generation farming family, they work with a hand selected group of WA cattle farmers who share their commitment to outstanding quality, exceptional taste and sustainability from paddock to plate.

All their beef is 100% Western Australian and all processing and packing is done in Harvey, WA employing over 400 people. All their beef is no added hormones and anti-biotic free.

The chefs and producers at the Festival are a compassionate bunch who have committed to producing and serving humane food in their restaurants and cafes. The Beer & Beef Festival fully supports this!